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The SKY DENTAL specializes in the manufacturing of ergonomically designed dental
apparatus/furnishings/chairs etc. The company was established in year 2002 with a
vision to become a global leader in our chosen field by endeavoring to become a
recognized organization in the areas of durability, design, and quality.
For such vision to be accomplished, our valued and experienced management team
has created an enjoyable and conductive working environment that stimulates, enc-
ourages, recognizes and respects each employee,instilling confidence and a positive
attitude to all. As a result, it has produced an environment that develops and delivers
the new features which are innovative and added improvements that are much better
than our major competitors. As our highly competitive market is becoming ever-more
design and quality focused, we can say confidently from our experience and from our
employees' positive feedback that, we have the perfect winning formulas.
The formula to attract best people of our choice and the formula to produce products
that stands out as the best of the best.